Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fiberail's Project

Pengalaman mengendalikan projek fiberail sungguh mencabar. Kesemua terdapat 20 projek dan berjumlah 1.16 juta. Tanggungjawab pun besar...

Kali pertama survey site visit di komuter petaling, tapak kasut terkoyak dan tembus disebabkan batu-batu yang panas dan tajam dilandasan. Moral of the story pakailah safety boot di tapak projek!

N berkerja di landasan keretapi ade safety prosedur, terutama apabila keretapi lalu di kasawan tapak kerja. Sebagai contoh dibawah, adalah perkara jangan sekali-kali diaplikasikan menyambut ketibaan keretapi sebegini

atau sebegini

Apa-apa pun, jangan berada di antara landasan atau akan tertarik dengan momentum apabila dua keretapi serentak melalui landasan.

Dalam OSI layer, projek fiberail tergolong dalam layer pyhsical. Bentuk-bentuk kerja adalah seperti repair & maintance atau membuat laluan baru kabel.

Kelihatan senang, hanya melibatkan pulling kabel n splicing, tetapi disebalik ada designing, planning, management and execute. Disitu tugas sebenar engineer.

Ia bertambah mencabar apabila ada masalah disebalik birokrasi dan halangan tapak site. Tapak site samada di kawasan Petronas Gas atau landasan KTM. Perbezaan prosedur serba sedikit akan melambatkan proses kerja.

Halangan tapak projek....nanti akan dikongsi next entri.

Take care

p/s I enjoyed all the challeges!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ntah ape2

eMisha winks:Play "Heart"

akmalhassan says: so bila nak kahwin?

eMisha says: sok

eMisha says: anda bile nak kawin plak?

akmalhassan says: minggu depan

p/s ada yang akan tidur kat luar malam ni huhuhu

Monday, April 20, 2009

Does a Man’s Salary Matter?

In many cases, women these days are out-earning the men in their lives. When you're single and dating, should a guy's salary really matter? Our panel discusses…

These days, women are about as likely to bring home the bacon as their male counterparts. But has this affected what kind of guy women want to date — is the size of a man’s salary still a critical element?

To get the answer, we gathered together a group of men, women and a relationship expert to talk about this controversial topic—and get some advice on how to handle the situation whether you’re a male or female, flush with cash or just getting by.

Participating in our roundtable:
Jillian Straus , author of Unhooked Generation: The Truth About Why We’re Still Single
Liz Kelly , author of Smart Man Hunting: A Fast-Track Dating Guide for Finding Mr. Right
Jen , 25, legal recruiter, New York
Haley , 32, public relations director, California
Rebecca , 30, writer, Kansas
Sebastian , 30, consultant and founder of a non-profit, New York
Dann , 30, TV news producer, New York

Q: Even in a day when women often out-earn men, do they still prefer to date a guy with a sizable paycheck?
Jillian Straus: I’m often astonished to overhear conversations at restaurants where a woman will ask her girlfriend, “Does he make money?” Women often want a more successful man, even if they’re successful themselves—one study found that successful women want to be with a successful man even more so than their non-successful counterparts.

Dann: There are definitely a lot of women who keep an eye on the man’s wallet. That’s why you see some women perk up when a man says he’s a doctor or a lawyer. And if he’s a hot doctor or lawyer, forget about it!

Haley: It’s not that I couldn’t fall in love with someone who made less money than I do, but it would be difficult. I want to settle down with someone who can take care of me and support a family.

Rebecca: Money has never been a consideration for me. Can someone make me happy, make me laugh, and carry on an intellectually stimulating conversation? I think about those things first and money much, much later.

Q: So why do some women still think the size of a man’s salary is still important, even if they’re making money themselves?
Jillian Straus: We are living between today, the modern world, and what we saw growing up and how we define “man” and “woman.” And in some cases, women want the choice of whether or not to stay home and raise children. In other cases, women don’t mind earning more money, but think the men they’re with would feel diminished by that. I heard one story where a woman was making more than her guy, and the day she came home with a Porsche was the day the relationship was over.

Liz Kelly: For a woman who’s on a limited budget and feels strapped, it’s scary to take on someone who’s making significantly less money. That pressure can create an imbalance in the relationship which can make people — both men and women — feel uncomfortable.

Haley: My current boyfriend pays for everything and I think I make more than he does, but I like it that way because it feels romantic, caring and chivalrous. Dating a man without money is really tough because you end up paying for everything and that wears on you after awhile.

Q: The upsides to dating a man with money are pretty obvious—but are there any downsides?
Jillian Strauss: There’s an old saying: If you marry for money, you earn every penny.

Jen: I’ve dated men with money and without and have often found that guys with money have an overwhelming sense of entitlement. You’re never that special to them because they think they can get any woman they want. Now I’m trying to find someone in the middle: Someone with a decent income but who is a nice guy.

Q: So what do men think about women who consider money a priority?
Sebastian: I once met a woman who seemed more interested in my sports car than in me. Even so, in my mind there’s nothing wrong with wanting to live well.

Dann: I don’t think it’s any worse than men pursuing only women who are really hot. But I do think anyone who does that is shallow. That said, it’s frustrating not having a lot of money because it means that you can’t do nice things to impress someone you love. You need to be resourceful—bargain hunt for good gifts or plan a date around renting a movie.

Liz Kelly: Lots of guys with money will complain to me that they don’t want to always pay for dates because they want to make sure that the woman is with them for who they are, not for how much they earn. But I agree with Dann: It’s the romance and chivalry that women want—not the free meal.

Q: So what should a man do if he doesn’t make much money?
Rebecca: I don’t feel like I need my boyfriend to spend a lot of money on me to show me that he loves me. He does that in a million little ways, like always filling my car with gas or leaving me cute little notes around the house.

Liz Kelly: Guys without money to burn need to work a little harder, that’s all. Small gestures, like burning a CD of your favorite music, go a long way towards making a woman feel special. Guys should also pay for dates early on. Career women are happy to pick up the tab when dating someone seriously, but in the early stages of dating, the guy should get the tab. It sets the stage for building a stronger relationship.

Jillian Straus: I agree that there’s still value in symbolic gestures like being taken out to a nice dinner. It doesn’t mean that I’m not a modern women, it’s just that I really value the symbolic exchange—it makes a woman feel adored.

Jen: Even if you have a lot of money, you still need to be romantic. If all you do is flash your money around, you’ll only attract the gold-diggers.

Q: Any advice for women?
Dann: In general, a woman should ignore finances and pick the guy who makes her laugh. All the money in the world won’t matter if sitting across the dinner table from this guy night after night bores you to tears.

Amanda May is a writer living in Brooklyn, NY who’s contributed to Redbook and other publications.


p/s so pilih muslimin yang kaya dengan iman..plezz la

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rakyat Bersuara Sekali Lagi

Rakyat telah menjawab persoalan siapakah pilihan mereka.

Pengajaran penting buat BN, media yang selama kini menjadi alat menyampaikan propoganda mereka adalah GAGAL!!!

Pendedahan media kerajaan yang memburukan Pakatan Rakyat seolah tidak menjejaskan sokongan rakyat teerhadap PR. Berbagai tuduhan terhadap Nizar dari pengulingannya sebagai Menteri Besar sehingga isu derhaka, menjadikan beliau lebih popular dan mendapat simpati rakyat.

Apabila RTM melaporkan apa yang yang kendaki kerajaan daripada kebenaran yang ketahui rakyat, membuatkan media kelihatan condong sebelah dan tidak adil.

Ini menimbulkan perasaan menyampah di kalangan rakyat dan akhirnya kita tahu apakah isi hati mereka...dan mereka inginkan perubahan!

Does the BN get the point??? They are losing the confident of people and not the choice of majority anymore.