Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I want to see the world!!!

At the age of one year, we went to New York. We visited a lot of interesting places. But it was a long time ago that I don’t remember a thing.
What was my late father try to teach me? I guess we should acclimatize ourselves with good culture of the foreigners.

Walk fast as time is precious, respect the eldest- my brother was being scolded in a double Decker bus for ignoring an old who was standing while he site.
I also experience sleeping below 0 degree of temperature, walking outside during winter without covering my ears. Then I know how painful it was as the freezing gets to your bones.

In Mecca, people afraid to steal as they could lose their hand. Here is the best place to test your skill of negotiate price as it is an art of taking advantage of the salesman, avoid him manipulate you. Different language will get both of you tense but enjoyable scene…

Well, I missed all the good time. After my father passed away, the entire travelling stop which I guess we lost the enjoyable of adventures.
But I really benefits from the things that he tried to show me. It somehow makes me a better man today with a certain achievement.

Thanks dad.


p/s Perancis belum sampai lagi BUT Insya Allah =)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sorry-sorry naik lori.... eh naik MyVi

Saya mohon maaf kerana terpaksa menolak jemputan ke program kampus.

Cuti tahunan saya masih ada dalam 6 hari lagi dan ia terpaksa dihabiskan dalam tahun ini juga kerana ia tidak boleh dibawa ke hadapan.

Disebabkan itu saya hanya bercuti pada hujung minggu sahaja dan kebetulan pula hujung minggu ini saya telah membuat perancangan bersama isteri dan keluarga, maka tanggungjawab saya untuk bersama mereka.

Oleh sekali lagi saya memohon maaf kerana terpaksa menolak jemputan ke program kampus.

Sorry ek... maybe next time, but please inform me earlier at least I could make some arrangement to attend your program. =)


Monday, December 21, 2009

Cupid The Devil of Love? Part 1

" I need a favour, I' m looking for wife." kata seorang sahabat sefikrah.

"Hmm, give me time. Anta ada berkenan sesiapa?" sambil memikirkan bagaimana hendak menolong sahabat itu.

"Kalau ada, ana tidak minta tolong dengan anta.Ana terus approach je."

Saya tersenyum dengan jawapan sahabat tersebut.

"Kenapa tidak pilih je muslimat kampus anta." tanya saya lagi.

"Huh banyak problemlah, ana nak muslimat kampus luar!"

Saya hanya tergelak mendengar keluhan sahabat itu.

"Anta kena reject ke?"

"......" sahabat tersebut terdiam sambil merenung wajah saya.

Saya memegang bahunya," It's okay syeikh. Mereka tak tau yang anta ni adalah sebaik-baik muslimin dan sahabat."

Di saat itu, air matanya menitik ke atas baju tetapi titisan itu tenggelam di sebalik warna hitam yang dipakainya. Di saat itu, saya dapat melihat hilang gah-nya seorang lelaki. Sahabat itu cepat-cepat tersebut mengesat matanya.

Saya terasa hiba, "Let's us see, how we can help you, okay."

(to be continue)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Demo+crazy vs War

I have a second blog. The blog is on defence.

The contain of the blog mostly on defence sources etc youtube as I prefered to share something more interective using video. Sometime I write as to share my opinion on weapons, their weakness or how to improve it.

I do not promote war as solution to the problem of ummah.

Democracy is the best alternative to govern this nation and it should be always the way. Terrorism activity such as bombing and killing the civilian are not the way of establishing Islamic state here.

Differrently in Afganistan, Iraq or even Pattani, where the enemies used violent such as war to resolve their domination on the country adminstration + economy.

In Pattani, attacks continue continously by guerilla as the Thai's Army keep on raising up their numbers in the conflict zone. The action which promoting more violance and death.

The same thing happening in South of Philiphine.

This triggered the respond from muslim is to stand up against their enemy using from stone to rifle and lastly they even blow up their own-body.

As for the politics in democracy is not easy as is said- to get the majority vote for Islamic party. At least there are no killings only debates. The game is to gain the confidence of the people by showing that we are the champion of issues related to the them.

Although there are times legal such as ISA will be used to those who speak loud...

Here in democracy( in Malaysia) only politician will be truly suffered as they will be prisoned for few years. It seems that prison is part of weapon in democracy.

Media also being used to promote propaganda as to get the sympathy and support from the people. Once upon a time the goverment fully utilized the media and the won in every election. But now with the internet bloggers start their own war by exposing the things that were hidden from the people.

As a result, the BN party almost lost their 2/3 in the last election.

Althought UMNO under the leadership of DS Najib is getting comfortable as the support from Malays getting improve but with other party component such MCA and MIC are having internal conflict. Maybe in next general election BN will fall as their are not stable to rule this nation.

Well... we just going to see about that 2 years from now.

The conclusion the best comfortable battle ground is through democracy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nur Kasih

Semenjak bekerja saya masih belum sempat menyimpan atau mempunyai"saving".

Walapun bujet telah dibuat tetapi sering kali "overspent". Banyak dibelanjakan untuk asset atau "traveling".

Sebentar tadi seorang sahabat berkongsi apabila kita mempunyai anak, kos tanggunan kita akan bertambah.

Saya bertanya kepadanya berapa banyak?

"Hampir lima ratus sebulan."

"Ekkk..." Dengan perbelanjaan sebegitu saya rasa tidak mampu. Nampak gaya hasrat untuk memiliki kereta terpaksa dipendam.

"But dont wory my friend, rezeki daripada Tuhan. Di sebalik kasih-sayangNya itu akan ada rezeki extra untuk insan bernama anak." tambahnya sambil tersenyum.

"Setakat ini, kami belum pernah kelaparan lagi walaupun gaji kami tidak seberapa."

Saya hanya mampu mengangguk dengan harapan kata-katanya benar.

Semoga Allah memurahkan rezeki pejuang-pejuang agama-Nya.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ketuanan Melayu

The idea of become supreme existed a long time ago.

As Ceaser said " I come. I see and I conquer."

Today great nation such as United State remain one of the powerfull country with the most advance military which could attack anyone anytime anywhere in the world.

U.S involvement in Aghanistan and Iraq showed us how a threat being neutralise through war. As the world codemn this super power, it is just such as dogs barking in the street where it is useless.

Here in Malaysia the famous idea of supreme is the "Ketuanan Melayu".

Hang Tuah said " Tidak akan Melayu hilang di dunia." How they ever quote these words i dont' know. But the main point is that you need to become supreme so that you will be respect and one of the way to ensure your existant.

As for the Malays, Ketuanan Melayu is referring to domination of Malays in goverment as leaders ruling this nation.

My personal opinion, if you are a malay and live in this country happyly ever after, there could be something wrong with you.

Outside, there are things happening. Being a Malay just narrow our view as hypocrite individual where you just thinking about your own race.

Living here in Malaysia maybe is already enough,where you have a job and famillies then as time fly you'll die and then pull stop.

The things that I reffered is about our religion being tear part by part.

Why I speak about religion? This is because the religion is the face that will be see or recognize by Allah whether you are a muslim or kafir.

Different colours but share the same syahadah make us the biggest religion population in the world. That should make us strong and supreme.

However the overthrone the system of caliph, muslim were divided into races and region. The idea of nationalist being inject as part of our rights to exist.

The war of divide and rule succeed where muslim todays just as bubbles in the wide ocean, all useless.

Today in Malaysia, mabye we are the supreme race but god knows how many malays out there abscond their faiths as muslim.

What is the point of becoming supreme of "Ketuanan Melayu" if your religion is just like a toy. Pick and play, once you finish, throw it.

Malays being fooled to change their religion -murtad...

This will continue as because Malay will be a malay forever selfish hypocrite individual thinking of themselves.

If you dont' believe me, that's what happening now in Malaysia.

So where is the solution to this threat??? Are you going to do something about it or just goes on with your life and who knows maybe your children will not be lucky as you to die as muslim.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Dalam hidup ini, saya pernah melihat bagaimana beberapa sahabat sefikrah saya gugur atau kecundang dalam akademik.

Antara mereka terpaksa berhenti satu semester sebelum tamat pengajian atau terpaksa menurunkan ijazah mereka kepada diploma. Ada juga terpaksa bertukar "majoring" daripada engineering kepada apa-apa ijazah selagi mereka dapat belajar di universiti.

Dalam pengalaman saya, pernah diberhentikan sewaktu semester pertama ijazah adalah suatu pengalaman yang memalukan dan teramat kecewa. Jadi saya memahami perasaan orang-orang ini.

Dalam hal saya ini adalah kelemahan sendiri dan bukannya salah sibuk dengan jemaah.

Namun demikian, taktala saya melihat sahabat-sahabat saya kadang-kala mungkin kita juga bertanggungjawab atas sikap leka mereka sehingga mengabaikan akan akademik.

Memberi amanah satu demi satu dengan alasan tiada orang lagi yang layak menyebabkan kerja- kerja luar yang dipikulnya bertimbul seakan bukit.

Akhirnya mereka menjadi salah satu penyumbang kepada kemundurungan statistik akademik orang-orang jemaah. Yang sedihnya ada yang meletup umpama gunung berapi dan menyalahkan semua orang disekeliling.

Hanya masa dan sokongan sahabat serba-sedikit dapat meredakan ledakan yang hampir memusnahkan penat-lelah naqib dalam membawanya ke dalam usrah.

Oleh sebagai sahabat kita harus sentiasa muhasabah kita apakah peranan kita, mementingkan diri sendiri dan membiar sahabat kita terus berkeliaran tanpa bimbingan atau membawanya kembali ke jalan yang betul.

Tetapi apa yang paling berkesan hati ke hati...

Apa jua yang menimpa kita sudah ditakdirkan, walaupun fitrah manusia memberitahu akan lemahnya kita menerusi tangisan atau hibanya perasaan tetapi Allah mengetahui bahawa kita mampu untuk meneruskan kehidupan kita walaupun hilangnya apa yang kita sayangi atau tewas dalam perjuangan.

Mungkin di mata dunia kita adalah loser tetapi Allah sentiasa memberi sesuatu sebagai ganti di kemudian hari. Tatkala tibanya waktu itu bersyukur kepada Tuhanmu Yang Maha Penyayang....

-Rasulullah SAW pun menangis ketika kematian anaknya Ibrahim... It's okay to cry, because we all just human but then we still have our life to go on.